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Like you, I was overwhelmed.

I’ve purchased SO many products in the past…..

Product after Product…but everything was missing SOMETHING to get me up and running!  Then of course, you get sidetracked by that “next big thing” and waste MORE TIME AND MONEY.

I wasted THOUSANDS of dollars, COUNTLESS HOURS of research and time away from family and friends, trying to find the missing pieces to get up and running and be successful….

….but there was no complete program



We all know insider trading is illegal on Wall Street, but…What if it wasn’t?

It would be silly NOT to take advantage of it, right?

Now imagine you’re starting your online business or you already have an online business that isn’t successful…

What if I told you “I Know Someone On The Inside That Could Save You Months of Time AND Thousands of Dollars”...

It would be silly NOT to take advantage of it, right?

That’s when I had my “AHA” moment.

When I finally discovered all the missing pieces I thought...Holy crap!!  My methods actually complete the puzzle…I need to record this right away…

...and I did.

It’s something I preach everyday to whoever will listen… I may seem like the “older and wiser” guy, but I too learn something new everyday!

And that’s the real secret.

The truth is…Everyone loves Step-by-Step Instructions, but only if it works!



So you guessed it...

This All-In-One complete course shows you everything you need with no stone left unturned to get your online business up and running


When I started out, I was like this guy.  So much "information overload" that I didn't know where to begin…

I wasted HOURS OF TIME I should've been spending with my family and friends...

I wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS I really didn't have...

...But now, thanks to MY PROVEN METHODS, instead of doing this...


...AND THIS...

You could easily spend $900, $1,500 and even over $2,000 on high-ticket courses that give you this information OR you could spend hundreds of hours AND thousands of dollars figuring this out on your own OR…


TRIGGER can choose to Purchase TRIGGER today AT A HUGE DISCOUNT and be on your way to living that lifestyle YOU WANT!

Newbie-Friendly I Start This Week I 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With these PROVEN METHODS, you will learn....

What you need and what you don't!

Stop wasting your time and money on things you do not even need in your business. 

Free Web pages and Hosting!

Get setup the right way, even if you are on a budget.

Autoresponders, List Building and Leads!

Email is still very much alive and will be around for a very long time. 

Affiliate Marketplaces and how to get paid!

If you are promoting the wrong offers, it's going to be a whole lot harder to get paid. 

YouTube Channels, Free Recording Platforms and Hacks

Video is on the rise, so you need to get on board now before it's too late.

Google Ads, Analyzing Keywords and YouTube Video Ads

Learning the basics about Google Ads will only increase your online success

As my mentors Brendan, Jono and Jonas tell me, it’s about “working smarter” and not harder.

Find the shortcuts and any advantage that will make it way easier for you to start generating results online.

This is NOT Rocket Science…

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Jonas Lindgren

"I know how hard Dan and Spencer have worked putting this product together and there's no doubt this will help anyone! There is a ton of value here and it will definitely give anyone that head start they need to get results online"

Shane Goodgie

"AWESOME. If you are new online or looking for a newbie friendly program that works, get TRIGGER now! Their methods are simple and scale-able and will make you money if you follow their instructions."

Cynthia Benitez

“Trigger is an amazing course, teaching you everything you need to know about how to create an online business for yourself. It is all very straightforward with no fluff and Dan goes through everything step by step, without missing any key ingredient. Great golden nuggets from Spencer as well regarding a unique traffic sources.”


Bonus 1
Fast Action Bonus Package

For Those Of You who get in early on this amazing offer I will sweeten the deal with some amazing bonuses. 

Bonus 2
Partner Bonus Package

I have teamed up with several top Affiliate Marketers and Convinced them to put some premium bonuses on the backend of this course. I know this will be something that you simply love. 

Yes, this works even without any prior business skills. Because we have it all done Step-by-Step FOR YOU. IT'S THE FASTEST AND EASIEST METHODS EVER!!

"TRIGGER" is for

What you do:

Turn On Your Computer, Sign-in and Start Learning

What you Get:

A Step-by-Step, Simple & Effective Way To Set Your Online Business Up For Multiple Passive Income Streams.

Are You Stuck?

Making money online is not that hard…

But you really need to have your business set up correctly or you will fail…

​You could​​​​ struggle away for the next FOUR MONTHS trying to set this all up, and you’ll still be left with nothing to show for it.

If you keep down that path… you’re setting yourself up for failure, time and time again.

With each passing day, your excitement for making money online will keep fading, until the candle blows out completely.

Be The Authority

When it comes to making money online…

Vendors/Buyers will either look at you as an “AUTHORITY” or a “HACK”

The biggest mistake made by beginners is, instead of focusing on getting their “business” set up correctly and efficiently, they try and make money on that current “Hot” product launch that they are in no way ready to promote!

These are the most common failures when things are not set up correctly….

Setting yourself up to fail before you’ve had a chance to succeed…

Affiliate Link Not Working

Not Set Up To Capture Leads

Affiliate Networks Can’t Pay You

Buying Products For Things You Don’t Need

Google & Bing Won’t Approve Your Ads

Banned By Facebook Ads  (YUP THAT ONE IS ME!)

Technical Issues (where do I start?)

Legal Issues

When this happens, you might as well have thrown your

money out a window!

Wouldn’t it be better to be the AUTHORITY?

Of course it would!!

But here’s the thing…

You can’t lie to yourself or anyone else because eventually your lack of preparation will “show”

Your online viewer will know and they’ll be lost forever!

That’s why being the “Authority” is so important.

Brendan, Jono and Jonas make a lot of money BECAUSE they are the AUTHORITY, and their customers know that.

This is why setting up and starting out is the most important time.

The amazing thing about “TRIGGER” is, it sets you up to become the  AUTHORITY and people will recognize that. 

I’m starting to understand based on people’s engagement I’m becoming an Authority as well!

When it comes to online sales, you’ll make way more money when you’re seen as an AUTHORITY.


This is only a $13 buy in…

But this is much more than a set up course.  It’s a forever course, there whenever you need it!

Teaching people how to build a business from scratch.

Which, I’m not going to lie, isn’t fun…

...but what it


If you want to be successful, you need everything set up correctly or you’ll never make a dime of profit, I promise you that...because I didn’t, until I discovered the missing pieces.

With TRIGGER You’ll Be Armed And Ready From The Beginning And FLYING PAST THE COMPETITION...


Do people buy from an “Authority” or a “Hack”?


Now you can see why you need this!!

Hit The Buy Button Below And Get Started With Trigger Today!

Newbie-Friendly I Start This Week I 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Price Going Up In...



That’s right! You’re covered by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

Try out Trigger. If for whatever reason you feel it’s not for you, then just let us know and we’ll refund your money. That’s how confident we are in what we teach.

There’s only one way you can lose here,and that’s by not getting going right now with this!

More Testimonials......

Roneel Raymond Mudaliar

"I've known about this for a while and I can finally let people know about it! Dan and Spencer have put together a thing of beauty. The advantage someone will have going through their training is truly priceless"

Caroline Da Silva

"Hats off to both, Dan Mahedy Jr and Spencer Broom on their compilation of Trigger! As a beginner in the Affiliate Marketing arena I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the information provided inside Trigger. It's simple, precise, easy to follow - almost a checklist or map showing anyone new to this business exactly how to get started without spending an arm and a leg! Way to go guys! But I gotta run ... off to start putting your training into practice! Thanks so much for simplifying things."

Jose Franco

"Have you ever felt that you have the right tools but
can´t use them? Well, Dan and Spencer give you all the tools, you just need to Trigger them using their Amazing Course! This is a very simple and step by step program to help you Target Your Goals! Go For it....take action and Shhh, Don´t tell everyone your Secret....
Your Friend, Jose Franco "The Portuguese Guy"."

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